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What once was a dream, turned into reality during the spring of 2009. Out of a love for carpentry and a sense of responsibility towards
future generations, GreenCube Design was born. What started out as a small craftsmanship soon flourished and in 2012 we relocated
to larger premises with a showroom. This not only created the opportunity to display our range of interior and outdoor handcrafted wood
furniture, but also allowed us to expand our furnishing range. For the first time GreenCube Design had the space to design and
manufacture larger bespoke wood cabinets and counters for kitchens and entertainment areas.

Design philosophy
Every piece of furniture has a purpose and utilitarian function, when this is kept in mind during the design process the end product will
be dependable and timeless. We at GreenCube Design believe that furniture construction should solve functional issues in a plain and
discerning fashion. This design philosophy also translates into less raw materials used, ensuring a greener environment for future

We use high quality salvaged wood or materials harvested from renewable sources to create striking designs, couple this with
GreenCube's solid craftsmanship and attention to detail and you have yourself a desirable piece of furniture that will become a family

Custom designs
In addition to our existing range of furniture we offer a custom design service to turn your ideas into reality. For your peace of mind
GreenCube utilises CAD illustration software to help you visualise the finished piece before construction commences.

Please call us on 076 33 99 292 to make an appointment, for full contact details and map to our showroom visit our contact page.
Customer's original idea
Customer's original idea